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Scribe Tribe is the name for our group of freelance business writers and graphic designers. We help small and large companies and organizations tell their stories to the clients and customers they wish to reach. We have been doing business in New York and South Florida for more than 15 years, and during that time we have worked with more than 100 clients to produce content for print, digital and mobile use, brochures, articles, blogs and other forms of written communications.

Scribe Tribe, led by Arlene Hauben, writes every type of communication — from press releases and articles to letters, fact sheets, web content and blogs. We talk to our clients about the work they are doing, their projects, and milestones. We are adept at putting their projects and activities and accomplishments into words, creating interesting stories.

From breezy blogs to website content to news stories, we write every type of communications that a business needs to inform and engage their particular audiences.

We promise our clients quick turnaround time, affordability, and knowledge of their market. Our experience covers a wide range of  industries:

  • Real Estate
  • Legal and Medical
  • Consumer Products
  • Financial Services
  • Engineering
  • Prepaid and Payments Technology
  • Non-profit

As freelance writers, we typically work on projects with graphic designers, web designers, and photographers to create polished copy. We can translate complicated concepts into clear, concise, and readable content.

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