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Scribe Tribe is a network of professional copywriters and freelance business writers. Arlene Hauben, the director of Scribe Tribe, has been a freelance writer, editor and public relations specialist since the 1980s. She worked for Bruce Ross Associates and Howard Rubenstein Associates, public relations firms in New York City, where she wrote copy and placed stories with reporters and editors of top newspapers, magazines and industry publications. More recently, Arlene is a contributing editor and writer for The Prepaid Press, an industry publication covering prepaid business and payment technology.

In her public relations career, Arlene worked with top real estate owners and developers, engineers, architects, healthcare providers and consultants. One of her most entertaining projects was working on the Name the Doggy contest in New York City. She interacted with the ASPCA, and the New York Post to create an incredible event aboard a retired Navy battleship. She recalls the first groundbreaking of 7 World Trade Center, which got bombed in 1994, and later wrote an article about the reconstruction for the Steel Institute magazine.

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Scribe Tribe / Professional Copywriters & Freelance Business Writers

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Scribe Tribe|Professional Copywriters & Freelance Business Writers for Hire


Scribe Tribe was incorporated in Florida in 2005 after 25 years in New York City.

We write website content, blogs, and articles. We edit, extract, and elucidate.

Technology may have transformed commerce, but marketing communications still demands clear and engaging language to get your message across.

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