Our Services

Contact: arlene.hauben@gmail.com; 305-206-4488

Every company, large or small, has a story to tell or an announcement to make.

We create compelling content for online and traditional media to position your business in your market. We identify the “roses” and plant them in your web and print copy, blogs, newsletters, articles, emails and presentations.

A small project may be a single press release or a series of press releases. Larger projects may require a graphics professional to create a brochure or logo. We can work with your own graphics designer or secure one for you.

If you have a new product or a milestone coming up, such as an anniversary or groundbreaking, get in touch with us.

Here are examples of ways to get your story across:

  • Press Releases to announce your products, services, and milestones
  • By-lined articles for industry publications
  • Mission statements
  • Taglines
  • Brochures to graphically and verbally explain your business
  • Blogs to maintain your online presence and engage customers
  • Twitter, Facebook and other social media updates to network
  • Reports, letters, e-books, and more
  • Web site content for the internet and mobile devices

Contact Scribe Tribe for additional information about how we work, approximate fees, and other questions.

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